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Axial Flow Fans

Angha Axial Flow Fan:

Anagha Engineering System has the most diverse line of fans for commercial & Industrial applications. Your find quality built into every fan. Anagha fans are available in a wide a range of air volumes & sizes to suit the customer needs for wide range in core sectors like Steel, cement & manufacturing plants. Anagha range of products can handle a wide variety of atmospheric conditions including, sawdust, abrasives, corrosive fumes & high temperatures. We at Anagha Engineering System have the work philosophy to work together with customers to understand the business needs and application requirements and alternatively work with customers to have the most economical & efficient product. Our sales and design team professionals are at your service with full-fledged CAD/Internet facilities.



The impellers are made of cast Aluminium Alloy with efficiency aerofoil section blades. The fixed pitch blades are firmly attached to a central cylindrical casing to ensure high efficiency and uniform flow of air completely covering the blades s[ace at lower power consumption. The exactly configured hub-disc minimizes the air loss due to re-entry.


  • Anagha Axial Flow Fans find extensive usage in Electronics.
  • Auotmobile.
  • Chemical.
  • Explosive.
  • Mining.
  • Textile.
  • Petrochemical.
  • General engineering industries.
  • Thermal & Nuclear power plants.
  • Tunnels, Foundries.
  • Tea factories, Hotels etc.
  • These fans are widely used for Ventilation.
  • Pressurization.
  • Spot cooling.
  • heat & fume exhaust.
  • Kitchen ventilation & humidification systems.