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Fume Extraction System

Anagha Fume Extraction

We at Anagha have developed a total solution for all air pollution related problems which assure for complying all CENTRAL / POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD. Our system is developed in a way that it can save energy, cost & manpower. Our systems provide world the better environment to live and better environment to work. These Systems are consisted of well designed components like extraction hood (Canopy, side, swivel etc.), control equipments like Cartridge Type Dust collector/Bag filters/Wet Scrubbers/Cyclones/Multiclones & air mover ID fans for hi-temperature, high volume or high pressure requirements.

We offer a diverse range Fume Extraction System which is generally applicable to all types of production units. As the name suggests, this system is used to extract fume from various industrial chimneys. We manufacture various standard and customized extraction systems according to the customer's needs and specifications.


  • Textile
  • Boilers
  • Plasma cutting
  • Furnace
  • Foundry Equipments
  • Welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Cement


Anagha designs the system on the basis of layout, air/gas flow, pollutant concentration, Temperature & keeping in view the regulatory pollution control norms & regulations by state & central pollution boards, for particular pollutant in gas & other site specific data by client. Preliminary site survey, layout drawings & technical support before & after installations are offered. Technical drawings for ductwork, stacks & foundations are also provided. Anagha has developed special filter cartridges and filter bags with our system, which have longer life & better filtration efficiency at much lower pressure drops, saving power.

Anagha systems are designed upto 99.9% filtration efficiency & for air/gas flows as high as 150,000 CMH , Temperatures upto 500 Deg.C & for filtration of particles of 0.3 microns and larger. TUFF CENTRAL series of cartridge type dust collectors/bag house systems are offered by which multiple dusting points ( as high as 100 points )are connected via branches to the main duct & excellent inside as well as outside air cleaning takes place. The operating temperature for this series can be upto 150 D