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Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers

Anagha Industrial Centrifugal Blowers are a heavy duty, highly efficient line of material handling and air moving blowers, incorporating all the latest improvements to meet the requirements of application in ventilation, foundries, engineering industries and chemical plants. These blowers find special use for conveying materials such as grain, saw dust, wood shavings, etc., where the material passes through the blower. Blowers are made in size 10 to 160 with air handling capacities of 300 m3/hr to2, 00,000 m3/hr against system resistance up to 1000mm W.G., at a density of 1.2kg/cum

The HOUSING is of sheet steel, and completely welded construction, with a circular inlet and rectangular outlet. For bigger sizes, this housing is of horizontal-split type to provide easier access to impeller. The housing is supplied in 8 different directions of discharge.
The PEDESTAL is also of sheet steel and supplied as a part of the blower. This support the housing and also the motor in the case of direct driven blowers, and extended shaft and Plummer block units in the case of belt driven blowers. The impellers are mulit-bladed and constructed for smooth vibration-free running .All impellers are dynamically balanced. There are three types of wheels to suit different pressure ranges and applications. They are Backward Inclined, Backward Curved & Straight-T.


Drive Types:

Three types of drive arrangements are provided:

Arrangements Type I:

The impellers are directly on the motor shaft. This arrangement is convenient when the speed of the blower corresponds to the red. motor speed. The motors to be used are horizontal foot mounted type, suitable for lowers up to size 60.

Arrangements Type II:

The impellers is mounted on a shaft by the two ball/roller bearing in a plummer block housing, placed on a pedestal. This arrangement is preferred where the motor speed does not permit direct or for a desired speed of the impeller. The shaft is extended on one side to receive a pulley. Blowers of size 70 and above are supplied with split type housing.

This arrangement is a combination of both Arrangement ?I?. Here, the blower is supplied with an extended pedestal to accommodate both the bearing assembly unit and the AC motor. The wheel is mounted on a shaft supported by bearing on the side, and coupled directly to the AC motor through a suitable coupling. This arrangement is suitable when the blower is requires to run at rated speed and at the same time keeping the motor away from the air stream. Inspection/maintenance of motor is easy in this arrangement.


All standard blowers for suitable for Arrangement ?II? and Arrangement ?III are supplied with grease lubricated Heavy duty ball/roller bearing.Blowers with coling disc are supplied with heavy duty high temperature ball bearings.

Special construction:

These industrial blowers can be manufactured in M.S., Stainless Steel etc. When required to exhaust corrosive fumes, coating with special corrosive resistant paints or FRP lining can also be offered on request To select right fan furnish the following details

  • Application
  • Type of gas
  • Gas density
  • Gas flow rate
  • Static pressure
  • Total pressure
  • Dust content and type of dust
  • Discharge direction
  • Any special requirement