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Biforcator Fans

Anagha Biforcator Fans:

Bifurcated Fans are direct driven axial fans where the motor is encased in a metal box to isolate it from the airflow. This makes bifurcated fans ideal for exhausting or recirculating fumes, gases and hot air up to temperatures of 200?C in standard form or 300?C for our high temperature bifurcated range. The motor must have access to ambient air. The fans have non-overloading characteristics.

There are two types of bifurcated fan, spun bifurcated and fabricated bifurcated. The type of bifurcated fan refers to the process used in it's manufacture, this does not affect the fan design or performance but determines the sizes available and the materials from which the fan can be manufactured.

Industrial Man-Coolers are designed to impart direct drafts of air on men, materials and machines. They are especially advantageous in hot locations and ventilation of hot and confined spaces, such as foundries, steel mills, work-shop or similar places. Rapid man coolers are powerful, quiet and reliable portable fans, which provide instant and controllable air movement wherever it is needed.


  • Carbon industry
  • Cement
  • Boiler applications
  • Foundry Applications
  • Metal melting and furnaces
  • Iron-Steel
  • Textile
  • Blast cleaning
  • Powder cleaning