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Dust Proofing / Pressurisation System

Dust Proofing / Pressurisation System

Pressurization/ Dust Proofing & Ventilation inside any industrial building space is the process of dilution of the occupied space by fresh & clean outside air and consequently creating a positive pressure inside the space/room/hall thereby preventing dust ingress from outside environment. P&V Systems generally come in 3 configurations namely:-

  • Mechanical Supply and Natural Exhaust
  • Natural Supply and Mechanical Exhaust
  • Mechanical Supply and Mechanical exhaust

P & V Systems are used in almost all industries viz. Cement, Steel, Fertilizer, Paper, Automobile, Glass, Petrochemical, Textile, Pharmaceutical Industries, Residential Buildings, Power Plants , DG & Gas Genset Rooms , etc. The system is designed to maintain the desired purity, temperature & over-pressure in the department. The supply air quantities are estimated based on heat load, air leakage & ambient air quality. Ventilation systems can be with or without air washer. The exhaust system can be either mechanical or through gravity release dampers.

Pressurization and ventilation systems are used for creating comfortable working conditions for men, machine and materials. An effective, well designed ventilation system helps to achieve clean uncontaminated air flow in the industrial work environment and helps in improving productivity and product quality. Where processes demand dust- free conditions, DMV Pressurization Systems are provided to prevent ingress of dust into the area. The efficient design of proper air distribution and air exhaust system is a vital factor for the success of a Pressurization & Ventilation system and DMV assures that.