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Pulse Jet bag Filters

Pulse Jet bag Filters

ANAGHAs Pulse jet Bag filter can achieve all pollution related norms. Following are some features of ANAGHA's bag filter.

  • Modular, central and compact design
  • Application to gas volume 500 to 1,00,000 AM3/HR
  • Simple Replacement and installation of bags due to snap band fitting
  • Fully automatic filter operation
  • Raw Gas Temperature up to 250 Dig? Cent
  • Safe and maintenance free operation


  • Carbon industry
  • Cement
  • Boiler applications
  • Foundry Applications
  • Metal melting and furnaces
  • Iron-Steel
  • Textile
  • Blast cleaning
  • Powder cleaning
  • Pulverizing
  • Plastic processing
  • Fume extraction

Puff Insulated Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector Type - Dust Collector

It is reverse pulse jet dust collector used to handle heavy dust loads, Dust containing coarse, Fine particles etc. It provides a cost effective solution for many industrial particularly for pharmaceutical industry operations. They are highly versatile and efficient in dust and fume collection. Their doors are of double skin and insulated with the puff material for temperature purpose and for material safety.