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Roof Extractors

Anagha Roof Extractors:

ANAGHA Roof Extractors are having efficiency, low noise level, robust construction ad are vibration free as per VDI-2056 with Aero-dynamic testing as per IS-3588 for Axial Flow fan Type & IS-2313 for Exhaust fan Type Almonard Roof Extractors are 100% leak proof and are also available with Flame Proof and vapour-tight motors. Hence, it can be installed in sensitive areas like Warehouses, Food Corporation Go-down, Turbine Halls, Machine Shops and Process Industries etc


  • Roof Extractor
  • Type of Roof : Inclined Roof/Flat Roof
  • Size of ventilating room (in feet or meter)
  • Type of process in the ventilating room
  • Temperature inside the room (degree c)
  • Heat Load in the room (in KW) (inclusive of motor load & Electrical Lighting)
  • No. of persons working in the room
  • Altitude of the plant room above mean sea level
  • Special application : Acid fumes,alkali fumes &explosion proof. Also please specify any corrosive type of fumes to be exhausted

Woodworking, Metalworking, Foundries, Plastics, Rubber, Chemicals, Grains, Food, Coal, Ceramics, Rock products, Paper (not "trim") and more...