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Kitchen Fume Exhaust

Anagha Kitchen Fume Exhaust

Anagha Kitchen Fume Exhaust is a leading firm in the Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust Systems, we design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of systems on turnkey basis.

A typical exhaust system consist of a set of one or more hoods mounted a little above the cooking range and connected to a centrifugal exhaust blower through a run of GI ducting, the suction created by the fan draws in the cooking fumes through the hoods through a set of grease filters held in an inclined plane with in the hood, so as to trap and condense heavy oil droplets, the condense oil is channalised at the bottom of the hood and can be removed by a drain plug provided, the filters can be easily removed and cleaned, the hoods and grease filter material of construction will be in stainless steel S.S.304 Grade or aluminium sheet.