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Electro Static Preciprator

Electro Static Preciprator


Fume killer can be used for removal of fumes, smoke & fine dust, from Welding, EDM, Induction hardening, Ink spray, Heat treatment, Oil quenching, Wire drawing, Annealing, Soldering, Dip tinning, Wave soldering, Rubber curing, Die casting, Oil mist, Coolant mist, Diesel gensets. Fumekiller can also be used for capturing fine powder from tabletting, capsuling and finishing operations.


  • High filter efficiency.
  • Low running cost.
  • Filter modules are washable, reusable.
  • No replacement required.
  • Safety features incorporated for reliable and efficient working.
  • A safer, healthier working environment where hazardous fumes and airborne contaminants are removed.
  • • Complete factory support and product expertise based on years of industrial process emission control.

How It Works:

Particles carried by the air stream first enter the Pre-Filter

where large particles are removed. The remaining particles then enter the electrostatic module

where, between a series of parallel aluminium plates, they receive a high +ve charge. These positively charged particles then pass through another series of aluminium plates which are negatively charged. Here, the particles are attracted to the oppositely charged aluminium plates and stick to them just like iron filings are attracted to a magnet, but, with one difference, the particles remain adhered to the plates even when the electrostatic filter is switched off. The air, now devoid of particles, escapes through the outle